A book of 365 days- When someone took your hand.


The day when you feel that you are the most lonely person in this world. You need a  hand. When you are standing in rains waiting for it to get over. Soaked in water completely , hiding your tears so that no one is able to notice. That is when you need this hand. But why ?

Let me make a confession here, i am a very emotional person. I can’t see someone in pain. And even if by mistake i am the one who is responsible for hurting someone , i become restless. My voice is choked and i cant stop my tears. This happened some time back , i was resting my head on the table with those unstoppable drops of tears flowing out of my eyes. Like a blast of uncertain lava of emotions that was holding inside me.

I felt a hand on my shoulder which reached out to my palms and was holding it tightly, the flow of tears coming out of my eyes suddenly slowed and eventually stopped. When that hand was holding my hand , i felt something was flowing inside me . A sense of comfort which was going to stop all my worries and calm me down. It was as if someone was talking to me. Saying that “CALM DOWN ! you are not suppose to cry.

It was the hand who was holding all my emotions. We all need it. At times, we want that hand to reach out to us and say i am there for you. There are times that when you have done something that has hurt someone, which is why you are crying. That is when you need this hand to reach out to you , to guide you , to comfort you. All you have to do is just walk along with this comfort and calm mind.

I am sure some day will come when i am calm enough to not hurt someone or make anyone cry.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. Hasta la vista.

Shwetal – An avid writer.



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