A book of 365 days – The most exciting moment of 2013


As always it was the most busy time of the year for me at work. Hopped into a new project , leaving my previous forever. After i finished my intial phase of project, It was time for some break. Holiday , i never liked travelling , but looks like destiny was about to change my perception this time. I never knew what was in store for me in this holiday, i was so looking forward to it. It was Kashmir , yes folks it was the heaven on earth Kashmir where i was travelling to for my 9 days of holiday.

After i had confirmed booking , i casually looked at my itenary , and the day 1 was quit interesting for me. It said , travel to Gulmarg and reaching the peak point and you will be allowed to play in snow for some time. It sounded quite interesting to me . More i felt like a typical movie location where the songs or action sequences were shot. Nevertheless , the journey towards gulmarg had begun. after a couple of hours of ride , the bus took a halt near some shops and were given fur coats. It was a bit sunny , i was not wearing too may woolens , and was astonished to handed over a huge fur coat and boots. Woo it was heavy , but anyways i took it.  As we progressed further towards gulmarg , it became colder colder and colder.  The vehicle dropped us to a point from we were supposed to walk towards , a cable car point which was going to take us further.

I started walking and this is how i looked after wearing that heavy fur coat . It was going to be a exhaustive walk , and it was getting colder.


We kept walking for almost 30 mins and then took a break , it was going to be a long walk . I was preety sure about it. After almost 90 mins of walking we reached the cable car station . My guide told me from here you will go to phase 1 and 2 , Phase 2 is 16000 feet above sea level .

My jaws immideately dropped. I had never done this. I was not even sure if i should do it. Well one thing was for sure, there was no looking back. I went ahead , i some how managed to board the car with the heavy fur coat on my body. It started progressing. Believe me folks the view that i got as we started going up was astonishing.

gulmarg 2

That was it , within no time we landed on the phase 2 it was peak point 16000 feet above sea level. When i was down there at cable car station , i  was sweating due to exhaustive walk of 90 mins. But now i was freezing , I felt the fur coat i wore was still not enough for me. I needed some more.

But the most freaking moment of my life was when i reached the point where i was sitting , and this was the most freaking moment of my life . I was on top of the world.  I took of my cap , my ears were numb , i couldnt feel my fingers , but i still wanted my one picture to be clicked.

gulmarg 3

This was it , i on top of the world. I wondered , why i didnt come here all my life. I should have, But it was no time for these thoughts , i wanted to enjoy this moment. And i did.

The most exciting moment of 2013. By the time i was back to my hotel i was half dead. I could not walk , but i enjoyed it.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. Hast la vista

Shwetal – An Avid writer.



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