A Book of 365 days – Two sides of a coin


We all know whenever we flip a coin, there is a 50 % chance that we see one side of a coin. While the other stays hidden, this other side makes our lives at times uncertain. It can decide fate of a game. You win or you loose. Its all a probability. Humans have two sides at times. We get to see only one. If we are lucky , we get to see the good side and those who are unlucky are dead duck. The surprising thing is this other side of a coin comes in front of us accidently , but we are not able to see. Why ? I dont think so even i have the answers. But, yes this other side of a coin always has something for us. May be to learn. May be to experience something. May be to decide something.

This is very subjective, which would depend on what the other side has. Depends on whats in store for us. Good bad ugly ? That depends on what comes in front of us. We have got to leave somethings on time. Or the best thing is why not to turn the coin and see what was the other side. This helps us to form a perception on a situation , person , or anything else for that matter, This would not harm us  thats one thing guaranteed. Some times in a situation it is required for us to see the other side of it. It is just like a coin , we have to turn things to see what was the other side of it . Because what keeps revolving in our mind is a question ?

Why ?

Or may be what ? When ?

And we need answers , and in search of this we have got to see the other side of it. So flip the coin. And see what was the to other side of the  story.

Hope i made some sense out of it.

Shwetal – An avid writer.



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