A book of 365 days – Luminosity of Lost dreams


We all have dreams and quality of dreams , that we wish would come true. But , how when and where , we absolutely have no clue about it. And, so we are lost in it. Lost in chasing our dreams. But , we forget on thing while we are chasing our dreams is , the quality of our inner abilities. We are chasing mindlessly. In order to chase our dreams we have to defy everything , come what may , in front of us . Defy. We have to take that one step extra to achieve.

Dreams are big , when they are able to give us nightmares , if we are not able to achieve. There is always a thin line between what effort we are putting in to achieve the dream and we have achieved. This is where we need to defy the gravity and fly high. Without caring about who thinks what , and without thinking as to what will happen if we are defying things. There is always a thought in our mind that , whether are we going to achieve it or not. This what we need to defy and fly high.

And i did read somewhere that “Between the Luminosity of Lost Dreams and the Nebula of Nightmares…lies the space where we all have to defy Gravity, try to fly.”

When you try to achieve one thing , there are 10 people who try to pull you down. Try to discourage you and that is when you loose the luminosity of your dream. The excellence and the brilliance is lost. It is when you defy this gravity , that is when you make your dreams come true.

Dont loose it, hold on to it.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. Hasta la vista.

An Avid writer.


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