A book of 365 days – Subway girl


Frankfurt , a new chapter of my life , a beautiful city where people come to fulfill there dreams. It was a almost a month i had not explored the city. Hence , i decided to do it. It was a 10 mins ride on rmv and i reached Hauptwache where most people hang out. I went into a couple of shopping malls and then i decided to explore the streets, and suddenly a pleasant musical rhythm and beautiful voice started whistling into my ears. I some how was attracted to the sound. It was not the usual guitar or a piano music which we all hear , but it was something different.

After walking for a minute i found a group of people enjoying the same rhythm which i was attracted to. And to my amazment i found a little girl singing on the same rhythm. I looked at her and she would not be more than 12 year old. I looked at her innocent face. She was making a lot of effort to sing and she was singing quite well.

It was a language which i never understood, i was still learning. I didnt understand a word of it . But i was able to connect to the emotions and the effort the girl was putting into her song. There was a small bag kept in front of her with few coins inside it. Not more than few cents.

I looked at her again, she was not a beggar. She was a well dressed school going girl. I asked myself this question . Why ? Why in this world she was doing this ? Sometimes it is very difficult to find answers to some questions. I had mixed emotions for her.

I didnt understand what to do , i could put some euros in her bag and walk away or i could just ignore. And i just went to her and said “You have a very beautiful voice.” She kept looking at me , puzzled. I gave a pat on her back and she understood what i was trying to say.

I did keep some money in her bag , not thinking that she was poor or she could buy herself some food. But , i did not wanted to insult her passion and talent for her singing.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place.