A book of 365 days – Just one is enough


I closed my eyes and looked back in time, and saw a girl waiting for someone to hold her hand. There came someone and hand held her hand, it was her father. It was so satisfying. And suddenly the scene changed , it was glory all over. The girl had grown up she was successful , working hard she had gained so much success , it was unbelievable , it was incredible. She had a purpose , a purpose she started living for , a purpose that gave meaning to her life. Helping anyone in need , anyone in trouble.

Not many of us actually have a purpose in our lives , a purpose which we could live for , something that gives meaning to our lives. Why is it so difficult to find one. The question always boggles me. It did boggle me 27 years of life until i found my passion and purpose.

Sometimes i find this world like an unbalanced equation which needs a catalyst or something extra to balance it. In the middle of our daily chores we forget the fact that we like something , we love doing something. But we dont , someone tells me i dont have time , someone tells me i dont really need one.

We keep living this life just like an unbalanced equation , forgetting the fact that we only have one to live. All this came to my mind when i read this quote : “life if lived properly , then just one is enough”. Yeah why not just one should be enough , till the point we are doing what we want to do.

As this unbalanced equation continues to exist , a point comes where everything is coming to and then the memories of the lifetime flash in front of our eyes. And then we ask ourselves this question : “Was one enough ?” , unfortunately the answer most of the time is no. Because we never tried balancing this equation.

I only want to say when i come to an end : One was enough  for me .

Signing off from this place is me , asta la vista.

An Avid writer
Writing is the painting of the voice.



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