A book of 365 days – Perception is reality

Here i am back with my first blog post after long time.

I have been trying hard to come up with a topic what to write about. Immersed deep into my thoughts i decided to write something about reality , but a question is what is reality for an individual ? Is it the perception which is reality , if that is the case then there would be billions of realities in this world. But when i took some time out to think about it , apparently its true. One thing that no one in this world is able to control is perception. Each day in our lives many things come and go in our lives. What we learn out of it is nothing but a perception , what we actually extract from it is the realty for us.

Whatever you read right now here is building a perception for an individual , but what one gains out of it by reading on this webpage becomes the reality for him. It can be good or bad but its reality. What forms the perception is a connection between what we think and what we feel , so its both brain and heart involved here. But what is right is creating a right balance , because sometimes one is always wrong .

One can easily conclude that lots of problems that occur are because of a wrong perception. This seems to appear like a fller word in a conversation but this whole post revolves around it. What matters the most is we extract the right thing out of whatever we observe.

Short one but a good start to writing , i hope to write more interesting things

An Avid writer.

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