A book of 365 Days – A day in the life of a blogger

Some times i wonder how would it be like , if i do blogging for full time. How would my day look like ? Sounds complicated , thinking about what to write every day can be painful sometimes especially when you know you got to write something.

I believe ideally a bloggers day is not a very structured one. If you know writing is something you got to do , you need to be in your thoughts every moment. Right from the time you eat your breakfast to the time you hit bed. When i started blogging i was thnking every moment about writing , sometimes even when i was at work. And what i experinced was , the moment a thought flashes into your mind , just shape it into words at the same time before it fades away. Because that is the ideal moment when the words would come out flowing like cold water in a river. Smooth and gentle.

This can happen in morning when you sipping your coffee or talking to your girlfriend/wife or playing with your children. I still remember while writing one of my post i was actually in the middle of my lunch and when this thought about writing something came i dropped everything and just started writing and thats when i realized how smooth it can be when you know how clear is your thinking towards writing.

There is no ideal day for a blogger , its always the moment that counts. When it comes use it. Let it not go away. Let the words gain life and flow .

Avid writer

Words when given life flow like a river


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