A book of 365 days : For the love of my passion


It was a usual day for me at work , and more over a weekend approaching . The day when no one in this world wants to work. “Work” yes this word sounds very monotonous these days. We all are working, for the day of the month when get that nice amount into our salary accounts. And you know what i am really happy with amount that gets into my account every month. But , in past few years i was not able to understand that what i was doing is some thing i was suppose to do , or was i meant to do this. I was loosing out on it. I had not found my passion.

Imagine folks , you are currently working on some thing which is not your passion. But , what if you find your passion and that passion gets you money into your account every month , that too at an increasing rate. Isn’t that amazing. Most of us don’t have enough motivation . Our Supervisors set the same old goals and we end up saying at the end of the year that i did this and that blah blah blah.

Look back and see , what you say have you actually done it. Quite a lot of us would have monotonously achieved it. But , its not our passion. I realized mine with this simple webpage that conveys my words to the entire world who is reading this.

Thanks to technology which has contributed a lot to my passion. While i am typing this , i am not speaking a single word , but my words would go cross the boundaries barring all barriers.

We say for the love of god, I say for the love of words, for the love of writing , for the love of my passion. For the love of everything in this world.

My words are my god , my words are my love , my words are my passion . My words are everything for me.

So for now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. Hast la vista.

Enjoy everything for the love of yours.

Shwetal – An Avid writer.