A book of 365 days – A new chapter opens tomorrow


Tomorrow a new chapter of my book of 365 days opens up. Looking back in time i felt a i should have written something more better, some thing more inspiring. Its not a new chapter for only me , but its a new chapter for all of us. Question is what we write on it. As you read this my mind racing with my thoughts as to what i am going to write tomorrow. For me a new chapter is new people , new thoughts , new words , new world. I dont want to say i am closing this chapter here , and opening a new one , this is a never ending journey of writing that will continue till my last breath.

I dont know whats in my destiny , but till the point i am living i am going to write a new book of 365 days , a new book of 365 lives i am going to live. Every day is a life for me. Every day is an opportunity for me. And i am going to live those 365 lives , i am going to cash those 365 opportunities.

I think we should all do this in our lives , it is said that every thing that has a beginning has an end. This book of 365 days ends here , but a new one is going to start tomorrow. A book where words would flow like water in a river  and when you splash that water on your face you will be rejuvenated , a new life.

I wrote my last chapter of this book of 365 days , and i will come back with my first chapter of my book of 365 days.

Till then this is Shwetal Signing off from this place , as ta la vista, Happy new year.

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Words that go with the flow are rejuvenated.