Are you taking the red pill or the blue pill ?


“Every thing that has a beginning has an end. When one door closes another opens” that is what oracle does a prophecy in Matrix.

poster for The Matrix

poster for The Matrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everything in this world has life, every entity in this world is connected. Well you don’t need a cell phone always to get connected. We all are some or the other way, nothing but virtual cell phones. Our thoughts connect us with each other. I did try learning a lot of things sometimes through books. Sometimes, movies , sounds amazing isn’t it ? But yes, everything we see , we hear in this world has a encoded message , which not all the souls are able to decode. Well i am not going to be much technical, will keep it simple.

This world is a vicious cycle , a human is born , with a purpose to achieve something . Not money or fame but something to learn. Life goes into stages , birth the beginning , achieving the purpose , and finally once you have achieved your purpose , you die to come back again to achieve another purpose.  It took a long time for me to understand but i kind of got this message encoded as well. I know many of you will call me crazy, but yes that’s a fact.

Taking the red pill or the blue pill ? Man it sometimes becomes a difficult choice. We don’t know what to do. We want to know the truth, but there is something that is blocking us. And its not the answer but the question , either we know the question and are not able to say it or sometimes we don’t know the question itself. Neo is trapped in Matrix and its Morpheus who wants to free his mind. Lot off people saw this movie for entertainment but it had a learning inside it. Not sure if i am able to convey the accurate message, but i am trying my best.

The world is not perfect , and so was not matrix . It has anomalies. So did matrix had it was “Neo” in the movie. Inside matrix thinking it as the real world working as a programmer. But who chooses the anomaly , can anyone give the answer ?

Well its pretty simple , its the architect who either creates a anomaly or chooses it.  We have our almighty who created this world. But do we know if this is a perfect world. Well many of us do think it is. But its actually not. Had it been perfect , we would not have wars, terrorism or for that matter  crimes.  So to counter this imperfection, we need to have something . but in this real world one anomaly would not suffice but yes we would need multiple.

In matrix the machines are eventually connected with each other and are able to develop feelings that humans do ” Love” . Even objects have life and they love too. Ultimately Neo had to save humans from machines , but he would be able to do it only through a fuel . The fuel of love and that is why he makes a choice of taking the red pill to come out of the fabrication of matrix, his destiny  was to love Trinity and save the humanity with the fuel of her love. That is why he makes a choice to save trinity , although human race would be at stake for that but he needed the fuel of love .

I don’t expect people to dodge bullets in the real world, just like how Neo does in matrix but yes , if you free your mind , you can love. you can things beyond amazement.

Not everyone is “The One” like neo in Matrix but yes You can be “The One” To save the human race. Just like when a program doesn’t have a purpose , it is deleted , when we loose our purpose. I also would agree that if we don’t have a purpose we can save ourselves from deletion by assigning ourselves a purpose , transporting back to the world we live.

So take the Red pill .

Shwetal – An Avid writer.