Thy Shall sell my soul for love

Soul in Love

Soul in Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For all the reason in my life , which i lived day and night .

 Thy shall sell my soul for love.

People came and laughed at me, with their pitiful eyes.

I looked at them and looked at the skies.

Promised myself,that, thy shall sell my soul for love.

Love was the only thing which was in my eyes.

And i looked again towards the skies.

Making a promise in my eyes.

Thy Shall sell my soul for love.

Come , come to me , look into my eyes.

I have been looking at the skies.

But now shall i sell my soul for love ?

And there came a voice from the sky.

Someone whispered and heard someone cry.

It was my own soul. And it said.

Thy shall sell myself for you.

But, you don’t sell me for your own love.



The first time i said “I Love you”


I can tell you guys, it took a lot of  courage for me to write this one. Now before i start my story , let me ask you guys something. How many times each one of you in your lives have said I LOVE YOU ? Now those married can ignore my question :-p . And those single can go back in time and recollect when they said this.

Its a story spread spanning over a period of one year , so there are lots of cuts and i will be coming straight to the climax.

I am not going too far. Around 2007 when i had started working . I was very frequent on these social networking website and i am still pretty much on it. There is a section on these sites which shows people you might know. And i saw a name there. It was one of my school time friend. Out of curiosity i ended up adding her as my friend and just that it doesn’t look weird , i added a customized message which would make her recollect old memories.  After waiting for few days my invite was accepted. I felt a sense of excitement inside me , i felt quite strange as there was nothing to get excited about.

We interacted for quite sometime and i felt nice. I was very much open and comfortable talking to here or rather chatting to her . More than comfortable i was happy . After few months we ended up exchanging our numbers and i was like double excited . I absolutely had no clue as to what was happening. It is true that i found her beautiful but there was no special feeling about it.

We  had already started talking and used continue long time. It became a habit for me to talk to her. One day if i didn’t speak with her it used to become disappointing. So it was official , i liked her and in fact i loved her. It was one of the most beautiful feeling anyone would ever have. Most importantly if you know the person whom you love is your friend. Nothing can get better than this.

Months passed by and i had dreamed of marrying her.  So finally i decided i would call her and meet her. We decided to meet in a coffee shop. And that’s it folks i was about to propose a girl in next 2 days . It was something i had never done in a life time.

For the next 2 days, i was one of the most anxious person in the world. The day i was going to propose her , i thought lets cancel it and i was a bit scared if she would feel bad , slap my face . Tons of thoughts were crossing my mind . Here was the time when we were at coffee shop sitting , looking at each other. And i finally said it . You know what i said .

” Ok i know u might feel bad after you hear this. But this is how i feel about you. I just was not able to stop myself. And i know we both are matured enough to  handle this. All i wanted to say is “I Love you” . Don’t react. I thought we could be together for the rest of our lives holding each others hand forever. And i think you are the one for me. I wouldn’t be really hurt even if u say no because you still will be the closest to me.”

And that’s it i said it. The state of mine after i said it was one of the most relaxed.

And you want to know what she said ? With a very cute smile on her face . She just touched my hairs and said ” Yes “