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The Secret Life of Words

The Secret Life of Words (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had never thought that i was going to be come a blogger . Had never thought that i would have some writing skills inside me. Good or bad i guess let people decide. While posting a lot of articles on my blog , i ended up  reading a quote .

It said ” Words when printed have a life of their own. ”  How true and realistic.  I have experienced it myself. To be very frank , i never liked reading, I always felt lazy while reading any book. But as i developed reading habits , i also developed the habit of visualization. Each of the words that i read from the book became character in front of me .

My favorite fiction author is Sydney Sheldon. I love reading his fiction work . Each time i used to read him i always felt i was inside some Hollywood movie. The best one was ” If tomorrow comes ” . I really wonder how can some one write so well that the words he wrote become pictures for me and used to talk to me. Every word that was written used to come alive in front of me.  Be it a scene where Tracy Whitney is fighting for her life or a scene where she would admire a prince charming. Not many of us actually take this seriously but i am sure avid readers after reading my post would agree to what i was trying to say. When i read this book ” If tomorrow comes” for the first time i was completely engrossed in the book.

Each time i used to read a word in the book at a very fast pace it used to come into life in front of me. Like an example where Tracy is supposed to run away from the prison but she suddenly saw wardens little baby drowning in water and in a flash of light she starts running towards the child thinking about no one but to save the poor little child.

Did these words come alive for you ? Think … think twice. Read the excerpt again. What did you visualize ? When you read the 3 lines above. I can guarantee those who have strong visualization power would have definitely visualized something. Although what i wrote in those 3 lines would be a bit disconnected as  it is a part of the novel , but overall from a sane mind if someone thinks visually , he or she would have definitely seen these words coming to life.

In fact , what i am writing right now would come to life for you. As you read them feel the words and visualize the words i am writing. This not only increases the concentration of an individual towards a specific thing , place or person any thing for that matter. This process of visualization is very creative. It not only gives life to the words we are reading but the thoughts that come in our minds. It is very true , though it might sound a bit spiritual but a fact. Those who know what i am trying to talk about would have realized my direction .

There is a direct interaction of multiple organs of our body when we read something. This is how i would explain how these words come to life. Go back to my previous excerpt from the novel about Tracy Whitney running away from prison. Now when you read this sentence your eyes are the first place of the visualization . The eyes are sending a signal to our brain saying there is a woman may be in her 30’s who is trying to escape . Our brain automatically creates a image of a prison a woman and a child. And in turn visualizes the remaining.

This is how these words take life. And come in the form of pictures to us. Always believe in giving life to words. Everything that we see around has life . Even words.  I am sure people would enjoy reading after hearing one fact that words do have life.

For now… this is Shwetal Signing off from here…. Asta la vista… Enjoy reading and giving life to words that would remain forever in our minds in the form of memories which will remain with us in this life and the lives we live ever after.

Shwetal – An Aspiring Writer.

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.

Gustave Flaubert