I think i am successfull….


I think i am successful . I said this to my self and i got a tight slap on my face. And i kept wondering as to why this happened. And that’s when i realized that . Thinking that i am successful is something not reality, and when i realized my work that i have been doing here all these months was a success. I don’t think i am successful,  i am successful. When i started writing i was quite excited about. In school when i used to write essays i used to repeat sentences or points so that it looks big. Sounds stupid however that’s how i used to do it. But over the period of time when i got into writing. I learnt one thing, that your dont have to ponder a lot to make sure you write good. Just be simple and write simple . What worst could happen, nothing, it would be either read by less number of people. Quality is important than quantity.


What you write should be worth it , even if it is 5 lines. Till the point it motivates people.

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place. Enjoy

Shwetal – An Avid writer.



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