When i was a child


I was sitting on my couch this weekend and reading the newspaper. And i saw a picture,where some children were playing cricket , of-course not the very professional way we think. But it actually reminded me the days when i used to play cricket. And to be very frank i was good at it. My school used to start at 08:45 in the morning, and the best part of it was it was just 5 mins walk from my house. Between 08:30 to 08:45 you could actually see children walking in groups towards school , wearing nice clean uniform and bags on their shoulder.


Now here comes the fun part, the best time during the schools was the sports period and the lunch time. After the 4th Session in our school a bell used to ring. We were a group of 8-10 guys who loved playing cricket. And as soon as the bell rang , without even waiting for a minute , we used get our lunch boxes out and finish our lunch as soon as possible because we wanted the rest of the time to play cricket.

The kit was in the sports room and after collecting the kit we rushed to the back side of our school building . We always found a bigger space out there to play. The kit only had a bat and ball , unfortunately no stumps. So we used to use 3 stones on both ends as our stumps. How innovative. Rules were not funny but  I guess David Shepherd or Alim Dar would faint if he would have seen us playing cricket.

I used to love batting. The moment i used to get bat in my hands, i felt a energy flowing inside me just like adrenaline and there used to be aggression inside me. Every one in my group called me Afridi the dangerous batsman who holds the record of fastest 100 in one day international. Now why Afridi ? Its because i had a habit of hitting the ball the way he hits. And i used to simply enjoy hitting it around. My group used to enjoy it. And this used to continue for 40 mins of lunch break ,the sports period and in the evening when everyone gathered to play cricket.

And this is me now close to what 15 years later. Sitting in front of a computer and writing this. Not that i am finding it stupid, in fact i am enjoying it. The best part of me describing this is i am recollecting those memories of my life where i enjoyed the most.

If i look at kids today they don’t have that much freedom or time to play the way i used to play. Rather i see only few of such group. I remember on every birthday i celebrated with my school friends it was a feast.  The cake the gifts and the day used to be special. you are the only person who is allowed to wear fancy clothes in school and come with chocolates. The most beautiful girl in the class would come and wish , even if you are the most dumb looking guy in the class. Well looks don’t matter now a days . But yes that was one of the most special day in school.

Now a days party is like , going to club , sipping shit loads of of alcohol to an extent where you are not able to differentiate between the waitress and your girlfriend and then end of the day passing out. That’s what we call birthday. Times have changed and so have people .

But i can tell you that if i get a chance to celebrate my birthday the way i used to celebrate in school i would love to do that.

So i can happily say that we were last sane generation of my lifetime who have enjoyed their childhood , the real one , the traditional one and the one every child would love to live.

More to come from the memories of my lifetime.

Till that time this is Shwetal signing off for now from here….. i revertar mox..

Shwetal – An Avid Writer



One thought on “When i was a child

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