I want to make it count….

You Can't Count on Me

You Can’t Count on Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There are 86400 seconds in day , which wouldn’t mean anything to you unless you make them count unless you know how to use them . This was said once by Joel Brown .  I was many times hurt by people around me . Each day of my life i felt i was not worth for anything. Unless i heard this quote which talked about 86400 seconds in a day , never ever in my life i had done this calculation . I always felt like making those people count what they did. But whats the use. I am going to waste my energy and instead i thought to utilize my energy some where else.

Each one of us has an ability to do something. When you are hurt or you are not the best of you , then you tend to do all things which you are not supposed to. You can either  ” Be Busy living or be Busy dying ” courtesy  Shaw shank Redemption , thanks to the friend of mine who gave me this movie to watch. I think if someone watches this movie , i can always guarantee he or she would be motivated. Now i don’t want all those prisoners to get motivated who are avid criminals to break the prison and go on doing crimes but i want people to take the right meaning of it.

This movie shows a classic example of how a human being can utilize his knowledge and potential not only for his good but also stopping the unethical things happening around him.

Assuming a human lives for 60 years , i would always pray to god that he or she lives more , but lets say a human lives for 60 years . Which means he has lived 525,600 hours . How many hours did he or she make it count ? If we ask this question in today’s lifetime to any one we all would be puzzled. Because we don’t know whether we make it count or not. And you know what most of us would have one answer NO. We haven’t yet made anything count . Rather than a perfect answer we would always have a question . How do we make  it count ?


Even i was looking for an answer to my question. Never was able to figure out where i am heading and what i am supposed to do.  Going to my office doing the same monotonous schedule , i wanted to be different . Not the usual me. Who would travel all the way to work and just finish his daily chores and come back. There has to be some difference in my life.

And that’s when i said this to my self ” I want to make everything count ” . Those 525600 hours and even more of my life i am going to give them a value and i am gonna make them count. But how and suddenly my eyes went to the bookshelf in my room which was filled with tons of books . And there we go ” Click ” , i found my way to count. I was always a avid reader . I read so many books of various categories which i never realized. But it was time i stopped reading . If i had to make this count i had to start writing. And with a very vague intentions in my mind i started this blog. And you guys are currently reading and writing it.

Like me there are many people in this world who are not sure as to what are they doing to make their hours count. And mark my words i have just done a drill down to hours , if we go further we will have millions of seconds in our lives. If we can make our hours count its great but imagine when we make every second of hour life count. I just wanted to spread this.

I have started counting …. Have you  ? Think about it. Again  .

For now this is Shwetal signing off from this place …. Asta la vista….

Shwetal – An Avid writer … Making every second of his life count……With his words…. Hope everyone else counts.

I do not like to write – I like to have written.

Gloria Steinem


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